Collection: Therapeutic Massage Treatments (Sundays)

Available Services

All appointments will be hosted at the Ralph Myhre Club House at 317 Golf Course Road, Middlebury, VT 05753. Please check in at the golf shop upon arrival and they will direct you to your appointment.

Thai Therapeutic Accupressure Massage

50 min. - $115

Custom massage therapy for muscle stiffness or pain in specific problem areas using a combination of deep tissue and traditional Thai massage with passive yoga stretching and 100% natural herbal balm.

Swedish Massage

50 min. - $115

Classic Swedish Massage with long gliding strokes, rubbing and kneading to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle toxins and ease tension from stress-induced muscle fiber contraction

Deep Tissue Massage

50 min. - $115

Repair, release, and relieve pain in specific problem areas with slow deliberate strokes and focused pressure on localized trigger points

Warm Bamboo Massage

50 min. - $130

Similar to deep tissue or Swedish massage and hot stone therapy, but using heated bamboo rolls with longer heat retention, allowing deeper kneading with firmer pressure.


Alleviates muscle tension pains, improves joint function, increases circulation, and enhances sleep quality to make you feel simultaneously relaxed and energized.

Foot Massage

50 min. - $95

Stimulates muscles, improves circulations, lessens stiffness, and eliminate pain; performed from the knee down using pressure compression and wooden


Subject to availability you may have the option to add on:

Add 30 min foot massage: $40

Add 30 min warm bamboo massage: $60

If the appointment block after yours is not already booked.

Coco Saelim is a native of Bangkok Thailand, where she studied traditional Thai massage at the Wat Pho Chtawan Traditional Thai Medical and Massage School, the world’s pre-eminent school of traditional Thai massage; as well as undertaking advanced training  at The Shivagakomarpaj School of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand.

She has completed specialty courses in Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy, Lanna Advanced Stretching Massage and Thai Table Massage at the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand, and Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release at the San Francisco School of Massage in California, where she is a Certified Massage Practitioner.

She is currently a massage therapist at the Essex Resort & Spa in Essex Junction Vermont. Prior to moving to Vermont, she was a therapist at the Dao Ruang Traditional Thai Massage Spa in Oakland CA, and Suchada Thai Massage in San Francisco CA.

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